Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials for Karen’s Work with Their Children:

"Karen has been instrumental in not only assessing my child's specific needs, but also has a keen sense on the tools and tactics that would best help my child. She creates an enjoyable and personalized experience for my child who deeply respects her style and engaging tools. Furthermore, Karen's professionalism and expertise have been integral in navigating our school's IEP and has bolstered my child's plan appropriately."

Parent Testimonials, Karen Tzanetopolous

"When I wait outside of Karen’s office, I hear my daughter laughing with Karen and having fun in her sessions. She refused to try to read when we started seeing Karen, and now she is actually having fun and wanting to read!"

“Karen, I feel as if I can never say it enough -- I am so grateful for you!”

“Thank God we found you. After all of the other help and programs we tried, you are the one who finally understood how to help (our son) learn. I just don’t know where we would be without you.”

"I can’t thank Karen enough for all that she has done and continues to do for my son and our family."

Parent Testimonials

“Karen provided some invaluable resources that were so helpful for our daughter to improve her visual and auditory processing issues. Now she is helping us with college accommodations, when we were not sure she would make it to college.”

“Our son has a full range of sensory and language processing and planning issues as well as significant delays in processing speed (5-8th percentile). The language issues have made it hard for him to learn non-tactile math, write, and organize information, among other things. The speed issues mean it takes him 2-3X longer to do most activities. She has provided us with a great view of how best to help him. That has included helping explain how he sees the world, what type of help to ask for in school, what outside experts to see, and how to approach the next year or school. Karen has done all of that in a kind and skilled way that included discussions about her love of running and hiking (two things my son loves)."

"Our son started seeing Karen one day a week in 5th Grade and she has helped him enormously over the last 6 years. Among other things, she has helped work on specific neural responses, 'mathsense', learning to organize his thinking/writing/assignments. As minor examples, she worked with him on rebuilding a foundation of 'math sense' with blocks and rods when he was young, worked for several months on a piece of equipment that improved his response speed, and introduced him to a speech to text editor to allow him to more fully express himself than his hand writing would allow that he still uses today. As he has gotten older, she has adapted many of her interventions around his homework so he always saw the time as productively spent. Our son is now thriving in his junior year with straight A’s, understands his learning challenges and what to do to work around them, and is a confident student. It is hard to see how he would be where he is now without Karen’s help. We very strongly recommend her."

"Through Karen’s compassionate and knowledgeable approach to working with my son with autism, he has gone from being nonverbal and very frustrated, to talking and writing in sentences. He is finally able to tell us what he wants and what he is thinking. We will be forever grateful."

“My son who has autism is challenged by auditory processing disorder, visual memory problems and has difficulty focusing for extended periods of time. At 8 years old he was still unable to sound out and read 3 letter words. My husband and I were afraid our son would never learn to read. Luckily, Karen was recommended to us. She joined my sons team and tackled his reading difficulties with a multidisciplinary approach working on his many challenges in varied and sometimes unconventional ways. What I love about Karen is that she is intellectually driven to constantly stay on top of the latest research and uses her vast knowledge to try anything and everything to create an individualized program that works. My son is slowly and steadily becoming a reader and I cannot thank Karen enough.”

"Karen really helped to educate and enlighten my son’s teachers by explaining his disabilities in a way that they could understand and therefore relate to my son to better facilitate his learning at school."

"Karen’s patience and attention to detail is extraordinary. She is compassionate and caring and truly concerned about the well-being and success of the kids she works with."

"When I asked my son what Mrs. Tzanetopoulos has helped him with the most he said, 'She has taught me how to take better notes and she has helped me learn strategies to get my homework done faster.'"

"Karen is kind and professional. My son loves working with Ms. Karen as she fosters positive self confidence in him."

"Karen was able to accurately diagnose my sons speech and language disorder within the first two sessions of meeting him. This is after years of working with many other speech pathologist and never truly understanding the root cause of his challenges. She put together a comprehensive game plan, collaborates with my child’s speech pathologist at his school and meets with us on an annual basis to show progress."

"Karen thinks outside the box. She’s come up with solutions to help increase my sons cognitive processing speed as well as phonetic awareness. We can’t express our gratitude and sheer luck that we found the right person to assist on our journey and helping our son slowly close his personal gap."