Speaking and Presenting on Math and Language

Karen SpeakingKaren Tzanetopoulos is math instructor and speech and language therapist with over 30 years of experience. As a result of Karen’s research and expertise in the role of language in learning math and in the science of math learning, she has been invited to speak at a variety of:

  • Conferences
  • Professional Groups
  • Conventions
  • Individual School Districts


Her talks are so well received, that she is most often invited to come back and speak again in greater depth. These presentations range in length from one to six hours long.  

Recently Karen has presented at:

  • International Dyslexia Association DyslexiaCon 2023
  • International Dyslexia Association - Rocky Mountain Branch 2023
  • Illinois Speech Language Association 2023

Feedback from Karen's presentations:

  • “I just want to thank you again for your wonderful presentation. I think everyone came away with so many positive things to say and ideas to try. During our staff meeting yesterday we all shared ideas that we learned. It was really wonderful."
  • “I’m writing to thank you for your outstanding presentation.  Everyone was blown away by how you helped us understand the relationship between math and language and how we can help our students succeed in this area. You were correct when you said we are all scared of math but you showed us how it fits in with what we know, so we can address it without trepidation. I’m very impressed with all the research, travel and time you took to learn about this topic and then to present it in a way that enlightened us.”
  • “I thought that you were such a knowledgeable speaker on math, and so passionately concerned about students' challenges with math.”
  • “It was a pleasure meeting you at Chitag.  Your presentation was excellent. I’ve begun using some of your strategies in my tutoring classes."
  • “Thank you for your presentation last week on Overcoming the Abstract Language of Math!  Participants learned a lot and were very appreciative of your knowledge and expertise in the area. We look forward to future partnerships to continue to support sharing and implementing evidence based practices related to math.”
  • “I could tell that people really loved your presentation because they were engaged, asking questions, and getting excited about what you were saying, instead of just looking at their phones.”
  • “Your presentation was so impressive.  Not only did we learn more than we could have imagined, but your presentation itself was so colorful and filled with such great pictures and images, that it was really fun to see.”
  • “Your presentation was a home run.  You knocked it out of the park!”


Keep a lookout for future webinars!