Karen Tzanetopoulos, M.S., CCC-SLP

Co-author: How Children Learn Math: The Science of Math Learning in Research and Practice
Owner: Learning to Full Potential, LLC

Karen is an expert in the science of math learning and the science of reading intervention and provides in-person and online direct instruction in math, reading, spelling, and writing. She bases her math instruction on the cognitive research on how children learn math and provides a systematic, orderly, and logical approach to math, allowing all children to learn math successfully (even those who struggle the most). Karen uses structured literacy to help her students with dyslexia read and write fluently and discover the joys of reading.

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How Children Learn Math Book Cover

How Children Learn Math: The Science of Math Learning in Research and Practice

by Nancy Krasa, Karen Tzanetopolous, and Colleen Maas

Written for pre-service and in-service teachers, parents, and grandparents of children in pre-school through grade 6, this book connects research in cognitive development and math education to offer an easily understood and practical introduction to the science of math learning. It is the first book to review the cognitive research on how children learn math and includes practical activities and strategies to help children develop their math brain from early childhood.

Podcast: Karen Tzanetopoulos on the Science of Math Learning in Research and Practice

"In this episode of the Knowledge for Teachers Podcast, Karen spoke with host Brendan Lee, sharing how she started working out of an office that was like a janitor’s closet to quietly do her own structured literacy with students and how her interest in math began while working in the public schools, as she observed that many of her students with language disorders also struggled to learn math and then she made a connection between the two."

Knowledge for Teachers Podcast


Karen provides speech pathology services in these areas of expertise:


The science of math learning is an emerging and much needed field. As co-author of the book, How Children Learn Math: The Science of Math Learning in Research and Practice, Karen read thousands of research articles on the cognitive processes
required for math learning.

Reading, Spelling and Writing

Karen uses structured literacy to teach reading, spelling, and writing, specifically a speech to print approach. Many schools use a leveled literacy approach which is insufficient for children with most reading disorders, thus leaving many students to struggle unnecessarily.


“When I wait outside of Karen’s office, I hear my daughter laughing with Karen and having fun in her sessions. She refused to try to read when we started seeing Karen, and now she is actually having fun and wanting to read!”

“Thank God we found you. After all of the other help and programs we tried, you are the one who finally understood how to help (our son) learn. I just don’t know where we would be without you.”

“Karen provided some invaluable resources that were so helpful for our daughter to improve her visual and auditory processing issues. Now she is helping us with college accommodations, when we were not sure she would make it to college.”

“Karen really helped to educate and enlighten my son’s teachers by explaining his disabilities in a way that they could understand and therefore relate to my son to better facilitate his learning at school.”

“When I asked my son what Mrs. Tzanetopoulos has helped him with the most he said, ‘She has taught me how to take better notes and she has helped me learn strategies to get my homework done faster.'”

“Karen’s patience and attention to detail is extraordinary. She is compassionate and caring and truly concerned about the well-being and success of the kids she works with.”

Karen is kind and professional. My son loves working with Ms. Karen as she fosters positive self confidence in him.”

"Karen thinks outside the box. She’s come up with solutions to help increase my sons cognitive processing speed as well as phonetic awareness. We can’t express our gratitude and sheer luck that we found the right person to assist on our journey and helping our son slowly close his personal gap."

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